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shutterstock_59381608-714x1024Third Party “Investment Supervisor” and Use of Leading EB-5 Investment Tracking Platform Promotes Investor Trust and Transparency

Because we believe trust and integrity are paramount to our EB-5 investors and the way we run our business, GO EB-5 RC will use a third party independent “Investment Supervisor” to insure that the EB-5 investors’ funds are used in strict compliance with the terms of the EB-5 offering documents.

The third party “Investment Supervisor” is one of the preeminent United States accounting firms. It will be responsible for oversight of (i) the initial escrow release of EB-5 funds into the new project, (ii) the construction draw requests, (iii) the assignment of jobs to each EB-5 investor and (iv) the distribution and return of the original EB-5 investor capital to the EB-5 investors at the conclusion of the investment period.

In addition, GO EB-5 RC will be supported by the leading EB-5 industry investment tracking platform, which monitors and reports on the flow of funds within a project and tracks each step of the governmental adjudication process.

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