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shutterstock_193788956Team of Expert Consultants Stand Behind GO USA EB-5 Regional Center

GO EB-5 RC intends to ensure that all of our qualified EB-5 investors succeed in obtaining permanent visas.

For that reason, GO EB-5 RC has hired preeminent United States legal immigration counsel with deep experience in EB-5 projects as well as the premier EB-5 economist group to stand behind the jobs creation forecasts for the new project.

In addition, GO EB-5 RC is supported by the leading EB-5 industry investment tracking platform, which both monitors and reports on the flow of funds within the new project and tracks each step of the governmental adjudication process.

Finally, to promote investor trust and transparency in the EB-5 investment process, GO EB-5 RC has hired one of the preeminent US accounting firms to serve as “Investment Supervisor” to insure the integrity of the entire EB-5 investment process.


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