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12/13/2017 Update – SMASH Residential/444 Social

The attached four drone photos were taken today. Some key observations from these four photos include:

  1. Concrete Slabs are 100% complete for the the entire east residential building.
  2. Foundations have been installed in most of the entire west building.
  3. Some stem walls above the foundations in the west building have been installed or are in the process of being installed.
  4. What is NOT shown in these photographs includes that the fact that the concrete floors in the two parking garages have both been poured are now in place and usable.

Once the wood frames for the residential buildings have been fabricated ( which will hopeful occur in the next couple of weeks or early next year ) the walls of the residential portion of the buildings will begin to rise.

Dec 13th Drone Photo #1

12/3/2017 Update – SMASH Residential/444 Social

Pouring first floor concrete slab is a significant milestone for a Chicago construction project because it permits construction to proceed even during the dead of winter.

Therefore, on December 1, the 444 Social apartment project achieved a significant milestone by pouring its first section of concrete slab in the northern portion of the east building which sets the stage for the residential vertical construction to proceed even if the winter freeze sets in.

Also notice, from the pictures below, the underground plumbing and electrical piping has been installed in the other sections of the east building so it is now soon possible for the contractor to pour the concrete slab in the remainder of the east residential building.

Also, notice in the December 1st drone photos, the underground foundations are being install on the west building and the both precast concrete parking garages are now complete.

444 Social 12 3 17 | GO EB5 RC

11/29/2017 Update – SMASH Residential/444 Social

Ready to pour concrete in amenity building of 444 Social

444 Social 11 29 17 2

11/20/2017 Update – SMASH Residential/444 Social

Here is the weekly update drone construction photos:

  1. West garage pre-cast panels nearly all complete.
  2. Completing underground electrical conduit piping prior to pouring concrete slab in the northern portion of the eastern residential building.
  3. Commenced plumbing central piping system in the southern portion of the eastern residential building.
November 20, 2017 | GO EB5 RC

11/13/2017 Update – SMASH Residential/444 Social

Good progress this past week with construction since I sent the last photo update.

These photos show:

  1. Completion of precast panels for east parking garage building.
  2. Completion of concrete foundations and concrete stem walls for north portion of east residential building.
  3. Commenced placing backfill on north portion of east residential building and placing underground plumbing and electrical piping below slab of east residential building.
  4. Commenced setting precast panels in the west building parking garage.
  5. Cut foundations trenches on the south portion of the east residential building. We have also starting building the foundation forms inside these newly cut foundations.
444 Social November 13, 2017

11/6/2017 Update – SMASH Residential/444 Social

Weather has been good so construction progress has been smooth.

The attached construction drone photos depict the following areas of progress:

  1. Underground plumbing and electrical piping has been installed in much of the north wing of the east residential building. Stone fill has been placed, which is preparation for pouring the concrete first floor slabs.
  2. Excellent progress has been made at forming and pouring many of the concrete foundations and stems walls in the south two wings of the east residential building.
  3. Half of the precast panels have been set for the west decked parking garage. If the weather holds, the precast subcontractor hopes to be complete by Thanksgiving, which is ahead of schedule.
444 Social November 6, 2017

10/30/2017 Update – SMASH Residential

Despite several days of rainy weather last week, good progress with erection east garage and second crane arrived to begin erection of west garage by Thursday.

It is expected the last panels for east garage will be completed by Tuesday.

Continued good progress pouring north portion of the east residential building.

Drone Photos October 30th—444 Social 1

10/21/2017 Update – SMASH Residential

Continued good weather this past week has allowed construction to proceed smoothly.

1) Since last week, you can see from photos, excellent progress for setting precast panels for much of the east parking garage.

2) Foundations now complete for West Garage, making this pad ready for receive precast panels. Crane will move to this location, once the east garage is complete.

3) Poured foundations on the north portion of the the east Residential Building.

444 Social 11 21 17 3

10/17/2017 Update – SMASH Residential

Drone photos at 444 Social.

The precast panels are being laid into the parking deck and deck is built from back to front.

We will be setting 10-15 panels in the parking deck each day.

Also, you can see the excellent progress with both the foundations for the second parking deck and the first residential structures.

In the next day or so, we will be complete with pouring the west parking deck foundations and all concrete crews will be focused on pouring the residential foundations.

444 Social | GO EB5 RC

10/6/2017 Update – SMASH Residential

Photos of 444 Social –Pre-Cast Crain being assembled for East Garage & Progress with West Parking Foundations

IMG 0078

9/29/2017 Update – SMASH Residential

Progress on 444 Social from 9/29/17

444 Social 9 39 17 4

8/3/2017 Update – SMASH Residential

Please enjoy the short construction progress video taken today from a drone above our Lincolnshire apartment development.

You will notice that the entire old southern Regal Parking lot has been completely removed and regraded. Our excavator has begun building all the site pads for the apartment buildings and the site pads for the two parking decks.

Much of the underground water, sanitary and sewer pipes for the new apartment property has already been installed.

In addition, we have commenced installing the 1,300 “Geo Piers” which is the underground soil stabilization system that will support the spread foundations which will then be constructed immediately above the Geo Piers. You can see a close up of one of the Geo Piers being installed in the still photograph attached to this e-mail.

SMASH Residential Update 8 3 17 | GO EB5 RC

6/22/2017 Update – SMASH Residential

Here are some recent photographs of some of the on-going work occurring at the construction site for SMASH Residential:

What you see in the photographs involves laying the water mains, fire hydrants, and other equipment involved in installing the water distribution for the new apartment community. This work shown in the photographs involves digging new trenches around the site, laying new water mains piping, installing a series of new water main, shut off values, and also setting a new ring of fire hydrants.

In addition to the entire new ring of water mains and public water supply system, there are photographs of the storm water collection piping being installed on-site, which is attached to storm basins and then, finally, all the new storm water basins are connected to the storm water detention pond, that is adjacent to the apartment site.

We will be posting many more photographs in the next several weeks of the continued progress with construction.

SMASH Residential Update 9 22 17 | GO EB5 RC

5/24/2017 Update – Hotel EMC2

WE OPENED!! Lucky to have such a great team for opening day!


4/4/2017 Update – SMASH Residential

We were digging test pits in the areas at SMASH Residential that we will shortly start to install “Geo-Piers”, which is soil strengthening system, which will support the foundations for the apartment buildings.

Representatives from “Geo-Piers” and our grounding engineering consultants where on hand to observe the outcome of these tests.

4 4 17 Update 1

12/7/2016 Update – SMASH Residential

Activity on the SMASH Residential Construction site on December 7th includes, commencement pour foundations, reinforcement of concrete brick wall in preparation for new wall construction, and crushing broken site concrete.

Img 1791

11/17/2016 Update – SMASH Residential

SMASH Residential area being physically separated from theater property.

Demolition of south wing of theater to make toom for SMASH Residential buildings.

Air 0563 1

10/7/2016 Update – Construction Kickoff 


8/12/2016 Update

Construction progress is excellent at Hotel EMC2. Right on schedule. This week, we have completed pouring the roof of the mechanical penthouse of the building.

Eighty percent of the glass for the entire building has arrived for the window openings and it has been stocked on several floors for now.

Rough in electrical, plumbing, HVAC is well underway in 14 flours of the building.

Window frames have started to be added to some of the openings in the buildings. Also, non window openings to the building are being closed in.

Elevator cabs have been constructed and are operating. Elevator railings to carry the elevators have reached the 15th floor of the building.

In a couple more weeks, the crain will be removed from the building.

All indications are we are on track to open on schedule in April 2017 (or before).

8/12/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC | Hotel EMC2

7/12/2016 Update

Photo Construction Update for Hotel EMC2 (Chicago Marriott Autograph).

Pouring concrete on 18th floor of the building. In a couple more weeks, we will be toped out.

Room stud walls are being installed on first five residential floors.

Main electrical, plumbing, HVAC work beginning on lower five floors of the building.

Elevator company installing rails to carry the elevator cabs.

7/12/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC | Hotel EMC2

6/6/2016 Update

We are making outstanding progress with construction.

The building is flying up.

Last week, we begun forming the 10th floor of the hotel. The elevator and stairwell walls are always being formed two floor ahead.

While not shown in the photos, permanent power raceways are being connected to Common Wealth Edison.

You can always watch the live webcam feed to watch the live construction at:

6/6/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC

5/12/2016 Update

5/12/2016 Construction Update Photos of Chicago Marriott Autograph Hotel. Today, we poured concrete on fifth floor. The contractor expects to complete another floor every three days. We are schedule to hit floor 22 by the end of July. Seen in the fifth floor form are the post tension steal cables that are used to strengthen the concrete slab. Photos in the basement show welders removing the steal bracing that was used for the earth retention when the basement was being constructed.
5/12/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC

4/26/2016 Update

Here are some of the latest photos of construction of the Downtown Chicago Marriott Autograph project.
The first two photos found to the right is the wooden form that will  be poured with concrete to create the diagonal concrete truss support which will hold up the exterior front wall of the building from floors six through 21.
The rest of the attached photos are of the construction work that is taking place to construct the concrete form that will become the fourth floor of the hotel, once the concrete is poured.
4/26/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC

4/11/2016 Update

Notice in the attached photos that we are forming and pouring the walls, columns, elevator shafts, shear walls of parts of the third/fourth and even fifth floors all at the same time.

In the photographs, you see that the contractor has started creating the forms for the fourth floor of the hotel, while, at the same site they are forming the fifth floor elevator shafts and shear walls.
4/11/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC

3/21/2016 Update

Since our last photo update, the first concrete floor has been poured. The Contractor is well along with forming and pouring the exterior concrete first floor walls. Also, the Contractor is shown constructing the vertical columns that will eventually support the second and third floor of the building.

On the left hand side of the first photo, you can see the concrete “Shear Walls” being formed and built. These “Shear Walls” are vertical concrete walls that extend from the basement to top of the building. “Shear Walls” are needed in the building to resist forces like wind that would otherwise cause the 21 story building to sway.

3/21/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC

3/10/2016 Update

Since the basement concrete and columns are complete in the Marriott Autograph Hotel, you can see the wood form is being built that creates the surface over which the the first floor concrete will be poured next week.

Workers are shown building the steel rebar lattice which is eventually encased inside the concrete beams and floor of the first floor of the building.

Also, there is a picture of the large backup generator that was already lowered into its final location in the basement of the building. To protect the generator until it will eventually be connected to the building’s electrical, heavy plastic is covering the machine.

3/10/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC

1/29/2016 Update

In the photos, you can see the progress with the construction of the large concrete grade beams that have been built. The concrete and steal grade beams structurally tie together the deep foundations below the surface.

1/29/2016 Update | GO EB5 RC

12/10/2015 Update

These photos are take from minus 20 feet below grade for the hotel. We have reached the bottom of the escalation at this level.

Step by step, the iron workers in the picture are completing the construction of the two level steel bracing system that holds the steel sheeting into place.

12/10/2015 Update | GO EB5 RC

11/9/2015 Update

Today, I thought I would share some of today’s smooth progress on the basement sheeting operation at our Downtown Marriott Autograph Hotel.

Please find below a few pictures from this phase of construction.

The equipment and manpower seen in these pictures is pushing 21 foot tall sheets of metal deep into the ground at the perimeter property line.

The purpose of this operation is to build an underground metal ring wall. Once the underground metal sheets are in place, the contractor can safely remove 21 feet of dirt from what will become the basement of the building without the risk having the exterior walls cave in.

11/9/2015 Update | GO EB5 RC
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